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Paws in provincial parks: what you need to know about bringing your dog to the park

dog in vehicle looking over campsite

We are in the dog days of summer and it’s time to relax. Pets are a part of the family and most people love to travel and camp with them. Furry companions can make the trip all the more fun and adventurous. Pets are welcome in Manitoba provincial parks. If you’re planning on going camping this summer and you want to bring your pet along with you, here are some things to keep in mind.

little dog barking

1. Ensure your dog doesn’t make excessive noise

Your dog may get excited or a little nervous by all the new smells and sounds around them. Show respect for other park users by ensuring you keep their barking to a minimum.

dog leashed on path

2. Always use a leash

Using a leash means you will have physical control of your dog at all times, which also helps keep your pets safe and prevents them from having unwelcomed interactions with other animals. Leashing your dog also keeps them off sensitive vegetation and helps avoid possible collisions with cyclists, vehicles, runners, etc.

dog with identification tags on collar

3. Up-to-date identification tags

Consider putting your address or just your phone number on updated tags in case your pets get lost. It would be very upsetting for both the owner and pets if they ended up getting lost and couldn’t be reunited. An updated identification tag can increase the chance of someone bringing your dog back to you if they find them.

dog leash and poop bag holder

4. Clean up after your dogs

Remember to always bring a bunch of little bags with you to clean up after your dog and put their waste in the garbage. You never know when your dog has to go to the bathroom so make sure to bring a bunch everywhere you go.

leashed dog on the beach

5. Dogs are allowed only at pet-friendly beaches

Take your dogs to any of the 12 dog-designated beaches in Manitoba for a day of fun while also helping them stay cool. Remember to pack up all the gear you need, such as a long leash to keep your dogs tethered while they swim and play in the sand. Don’t forget to bring snacks, toys and lots of water for them to drink to avoid having them drink from the lakes. Remember to bring those poop bags along with you and some toys to play with.

Provincial Park Dog-Designated Beaches:

  • Asessippi: The “Point” can be accessed on the northwest side of the Shell Mouth Dam - follow the gravel road approximately 500 meters north to a small parking lot

  • Clearwater: Hugo Bay boat launch on the north side of the launch

  • Hecla-Grindstone: Sunset Beach

  • Grass River - Gyles Lake: Gyles Lake, west of designated swim area

  • Grass River - Iskwasum: Iskwasum campground, on the east side of the boat launch

  • Manipogo: Past the Main Beach, west of designated swim area

  • Paint Lake: Across from the main Paint Lake Marina on the north side of the far parking lot

  • Rainbow Beach: Past the Main Beach, east of the designated swimming area

  • Spruce Woods: Kiche Manitou Lake next to the footbridge along the southeast shoreline

  • Turtle Mountain - Max Lake: Far west end of the main beach, just east of the boat launch area

  • Wekusko Falls: Northeast shore of Wekusko Lake on the north side of the boat launch

  • Winnipeg Beach: South Beach - access south of the Water Tower

dog and owner in cabin looking out window

6. Pet-friendly campsites, yurts and cabins

Dogs are allowed at all campsites as long as you follow the park’s rules. Follow these tips to have a great time with your pet while also keeping our trails clean and preventing them from trampling on sensitive vegetation.

Renting a cozy yurt or a comfy cabin is a great way to spend your summer vacation. Being able to visit them with your furry friend makes it so much better and more fun. There are 29 pet-friendly cabins and yurts in Manitoba provincial parks, according to a 2015 news release.

supplies needed for dog laid out

If you’re planning to go to one with your pets, remember to bring a leash, food, lots of water, and doggie poop bags to meet the provincial park’s rules. Keep in mind that you can’t leave your pets unattended in the yurt or cabin, so bring them along on your adventures and enjoy your time with them. Note: A maximum of two pets per designated cabin or yurt is allowed.

Pet-friendly provincial park yurts and cabins:

  • Hecla: 5 cabins

  • Camp Morton: 2 yurts and 4 cabins

  • Asessippi: 2 yurts

  • Bakers Narrows: 2 yurts

  • Campers Cove: 2 yurts

  • Childs Lake: 2 yurts

  • Nutimik: 4 yurts

  • Spruce Woods: 4 yurts

  • Stephenfield: 2 yurts

All of Manitoba’s pet-friendly cabins and yurts have been completely booked on launch day in March, if you’re wanting to book a spot click here to find out if there are any cancellations.

dog being carried in backpack

Hiking, swimming, and enjoying the outdoors with your pet is something you’re not going to want to miss out on. You don’t have to leave your furry friends behind if you are visiting Manitoba provincial parks. Make sure to follow these rules and tips to ensure you have a great time with your pet when you visit.

Dogs in Manitoba provincial parks infographic

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