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In 2009 leaders from nine communities on the shores of Lake Winnipeg launched the Lake Friendly Initiative to align the various stewardship activities taking place across the waters across the watershed and engage the public in clear actions to protect our freshwater resources.

Deteriorating water quality poses a significant environmental, social and economic threat to Manitoba and across the globe. The mayors and reeves recognize that efforts to deal with the problem must be coordinated and activated across governments, business and industry, environmental interests and the public.

Lake Friendly has developed resources to promote stewardship activities that will:

  • Protect water from nutrients, contaminants and other threats

  • Conserve & Value Water

  • Reduce GHG - move to renewable energy

  • Build Resiliency into our natural and built environments


We hope whether you are a business, school a local government or a resident you can find a clear and logical path for participating in protecting our water, our economy and our way of life. 


What We Know:

  • Water is our most precious resource


Water is vital to life. Manitoba has an abundance of water and it plays an important role in our daily lives, yet often water may be taken for granted. With less than 1% of the water on Earth available for drinking water, it is imperative that the water we have is treated with the utmost care.


  • We are all connected to our water


The more we recognize, understand and reinforce our connection to water, the more we will feel compelled to protect it.

  • We can all live within our limits


Everything we do has an impact on water. We cannot create a bigger planet to accommodate our growing population or water demands. As water is a finite resource, we must begin to live within the limits of nature and make the appropriate changes to both the perception of water and water uses.


  • Personal Decisions + Collective Action = Change

We all play a part in making change. Small changes in our everyday actions and choices can have a profound impact on water. It is important to take collective action when tackling watershed issues. Joining together to achieve a common goal can be a powerful force for change.


Priorities for Action

The Lake Friendly Priorities for Action document constitutes the beginning of a concerted effort across sectors to reduce nutrient runoff and pollutants, manage invasive species and improve water quality in a way that helps our communities and our economy remain resilient in the face of changing hydro-climatic conditions. Our urgent response and prioritized actions will position Manitoba in a place that allows us to move from the “Most Threatened Lake in the World” to a jurisdiction that is creating positive, tangible change for generations today and for the future.


Small Actions = Big Impact

Things you can do right now.


Certification Programs

Ready to take the next step?


Community Partners

RM of Gimli

City of Selkirk 

RM of St. Andrews

RM of St. Clements

Town of Winnipeg Beach 

RM of Victoria Beach 

RM of Alexander

RM of Bifrost

Village of Dunnottar

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