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Assiniboine River Beaudry Park Manitoba

H  0 iQ for Educators


We designed this resource to fully explore water and the Lake Winnipeg watershed issues while meeting curriculum objectives. It provides educators with easy to understand information, tools, and resources.

H2O iQ is adaptable to any freshwater lake, as Lake Winnipeg is not the only one with water issues.

To truly protect our fresh waters, we must encourage kids to learn, understand, and appreciate the wonders and the vulnerability of watersheds in general.


Actions for Schools Certification

Education forms the base for positive change within our society. Curricula in our school systems can:

  • improve awareness of water-related issues,

  • create change in the next generation, and

  • inspire action from students, which affects parents and society over the long term. 

Observing Flowers

Do What Matters Guide for Schools

Schools and educational institutions are a key in the Lake Friendly Initiative because our youth have great influence in their families and communities around issues of the environment. But it is also important that schools and school divisions adopt Lake Friendly Practices.

H20 iQ for Educators
Do What Matters Guide
Actions for Schools Certification
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