Actions for Everywhere

Glasses of Water on Wood Table

Treat water as if we had to drink it

Don’t be wasteful with water

  • Never put used oil or other chemicals down storm drains or in drainage ditches. Bring chemicals to a hazardous waste management depot for proper disposal.


  • Reduce nutrients (fertilizers, etc.) and other harmful substances from entering the drain

Recycled Cardboard in Bundles

Use your consumer power for good​

Buy products made by companies taking steps to reduce their impacts on the environment and minimize pollution to our lakes, rivers, and streams. 

Look for:



  • Certified electronic equipment. ​​EPEAT approved computers are made using less hazardous materials like lead and mercury​


Support businesses that sponsor and promote Lake Friendly's mission.

Writing by the Water

Speak your mind. Get involved.

Promote and support Lake Friendly actions and events.

  • Get community groups involved.


  • Support initiatives that help protect our waterways.


  • Spread the word about ways in which we can all help protect our waterways.


  • Let your elected representatives and local officials know that you support and encourage policies and processes that protect our waterways.


  • Take part in municipal planning meetings to make sure developers and planners consider alternatives to drainage conventional ways to manage runoff.


  • Support proposals that contain adequate consideration and design detail to collect, convey, manage and treat overland runoff and drainage.