Actions at the Cottage

  • Reduce nutrients and other harmful substances from entering the drain. 

  • Keep track of Household Hazardous Waste Days at the Landfill Site and dispose of batteries, paint, fuel and other related items accordingly. 

On Your Property

  • Make sure only rain and snow melt drains to the waterways. 

  • Ensure all wastewater management systems—septic systems (tank and disposal field) and/or holding tanks installations and maintenance—comply with The Provincial Parks Act, The Environment Act and associated regulations. 

  • Consider installing a holding tank rather than septic system to store wastewater at your cottage. 

  • Use an alternative to a standard flush toilet such as a composting toilet. 

  • Maintain a buffer zone of trees and natural vegetation along the shore to minimize erosion and assimilate nutrients before they reach the lake. Keep land clearing to a minimum. Revegetate bare areas with native trees and plants to minimize erosion to the lake. 

In Cottage Country

Reduce the potential for nutrients and other harmful substances from entering waterways. 

  • When boating, never discharge black or grey water overboard. Be cautious when refueling and remember to fill portable tanks on shore.

  • Bathe on land, far away from the shore - adding suds directly to the water, even if the soaps are biodegradable, can kill off wildlife species and create algae blooms.


  • Become familiar with potential invasive species and report findings to Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship. 

Recycling Water Bottles

Cottage Associations and Partnerships

  • Join or start a Lake or Cottage Association and be part of developing a lake management plan to sustain or improve water quality.


  • Help concerned citizens, lake users, resource managers, local governments, and other special interest groups to work together. 


  • Share Lake Friendly messages to raise people's awareness of issues and support protecting all lakes, rivers, streams, and wetlands. 

Two Kids Splashing Water From Dock

In Your Cottage or Home