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Actions at the Cottage

Water Beyond Cement Wall
  • Reduce nutrients and other harmful substances from entering the drain. 

  • Keep track of Household Hazardous Waste Days at the Landfill Site and dispose of batteries, paint, fuel and other related items accordingly. 

Wetland at Little Mountain Park Rosser Manitoba

On Your Property

  • Make sure only rain and snow melt drains to the waterways. 

  • Ensure all wastewater management systems—septic systems (tank and disposal field) and/or holding tanks installations and maintenance—comply with The Provincial Parks Act, The Environment Act and associated regulations. 

  • Consider installing a holding tank rather than septic system to store wastewater at your cottage. 

  • Use an alternative to a standard flush toilet such as a composting toilet. 

  • Maintain a buffer zone of trees and natural vegetation along the shore to minimize erosion and assimilate nutrients before they reach the lake. Keep land clearing to a minimum. Revegetate bare areas with native trees and plants to minimize erosion to the lake. 

Gimli Manitoba Harbour

In Cottage Country

Reduce the potential for nutrients and other harmful substances from entering waterways. 

  • When boating, never discharge black or grey water overboard. Be cautious when refueling and remember to fill portable tanks on shore.

  • Bathe on land, far away from the shore - adding suds directly to the water, even if the soaps are biodegradable, can kill off wildlife species and create algae blooms.


  • Become familiar with potential invasive species and report findings to Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship. 

Recycling Water Bottles

Cottage Associations and Partnerships

  • Join or start a Lake or Cottage Association and be part of developing a lake management plan to sustain or improve water quality.


  • Help concerned citizens, lake users, resource managers, local governments, and other special interest groups to work together. 


  • Share Lake Friendly messages to raise people's awareness of issues and support protecting all lakes, rivers, streams, and wetlands. 

Two Kids Splashing Water From Dock

In Your Cottage or Home

On Your Property
In Cottage Country
Cottage Associations
In Your Home
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