Actions for Businesses

Throughout Your Businesses

  • Reduce nutrients and other harmful substances from entering the drain. 

Sustainable Procurement

Adopt a sustainable procurement policy and purchase goods manufactured in a responsible manner. Purchase products that are made by manufacturers that have taken steps to reduce their impacts on the environment and minimize pollution to our waterways. 

  • Buy cleaning products that have either a Green Seal, EcoLogo or UL Environment certification mark.

  • Buy paper and wood products that come from responsibly managed forests such as Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified products.

  • Buy Electronic Product Environmental Assessment (EPEAT) certified electronic equipment. EPEAT certified computers are manufactured with less hazardous material like lead and mercury.

  • Use the Manitoba Sustainable Procurement website to support sustainable procurement decisions required within the Provincial Sustainable Development principles and guidelines. 

  • Ensure all contracted workers are aware of and follow your sustainable procurement policy when purchasing goods required to complete service contracts. 

On Your Grounds

  • Make sure only rain and snow melt go down the street drains and/or into catchment areas.

  • Employ landscape maintenance services that minimize impacts to waterways:

    • Reduce the need for chemical weed control, through proper plant and material selection, appropriate site preparation and careful maintenance.

    • Weed control should be accomplished by the use of:

      • organic mulches, manual labour, and herbicide controls, in that order. 

  • Wash fleet vehicles at a car wash that recycles water and uses nutrient-free washing products. 



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