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Actions for Schools

Teacher Engaging with Students

Schools and educational institutions are key because our youth have a great influence on their families and communities around issues of the environment.


It is also important that schools and school divisions adopt Lake Friendly Practices.

  • Provide Lake Friendly education to staff and students.

  • Participate in and promote Lake Friendly actions in your school and get community groups involved! 

  • Reduce nutrients and other harmful substances from entering the drain. 

School Binder, Looseleaf, and Pencils

School Board Purchasing

Buy products made by companies that take steps to reduce their impacts on the environment and minimize pollution to our lakes, rivers, and streams. 


Follow the advice from Manitoba Sustainable Procurement to learn how to reach provincial sustainable development guidelines. 


Look for:



  • Certified electronics. ​​EPEAT approved computers are made using less hazardous materials like lead and mercury​

Also, make sure all contracted workers are aware of and follow your policies when buying goods they require to complete service contracts. ​

Child playing near a field

On Your Grounds

  • Make sure only rain and snow melt go down the street drains and/or into catchment areas.

  • Employ landscape maintenance services that minimize impacts to waterways:

    • Reduce the need for chemical weed control, through proper plant and material selection, appropriate site preparation and careful maintenance.

    • Weed control should be accomplished by the use of:

      • organic mulches, manual labour, and herbicide controls, in that order. 

  • Wash fleet vehicles at a car wash that recycles water and uses nutrient-free washing products. 

On Your Grounds
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