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Assiniboine River Beaudry Park Manitoba

H  0 iQ for Educators


We designed this resource to fully explore water and the Lake Winnipeg watershed issues while meeting curriculum objectives. It provides educators with easy to understand information, tools, and resources.

H2O iQ is adaptable to any freshwater lake, as Lake Winnipeg is not the only one with water issues.

To truly protect our fresh waters, we must encourage kids to learn, understand, and appreciate the wonders and the vulnerability of watersheds in general.

Oak Hammock Marsh Rockwood Manitoba

Community Stewardship Checklist

Local governments, like municipalities and First Nations, can be good stewards and examples for their community members and communities across the province.

Important areas that local governments can prioritize:

  • Waste Management

  • Water & Wastewater Management

  • Sustainable Procurement

  • Resilient & Adaptable Landscapes

  • Community Stewardship

  • Energy Efficiency & Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Reduction

Daisy Closeup

Do What Matters Guides

Our actions impact the health of our freshwater and lakes. We are all responsible and capable of taking small actions to produce change. These guides highlight how different sectors can do their part.

Assiniboine River Beaudry Park Manitoba

Priorities for Action Report

The Lake Friendly Priorities for Action outlines the necessary steps to preserve and protect Lake Winnipeg. These steps move Manitoba to create positive change for a greener today and tomorrow. 

People in the Park
Soil with Sprouting Plants

Mobilizing Action for Impact Report

The report establishes a path forward that prioritizes action. We can use our directed collective efforts to ensure budgets yield maximum results. 
The report offers a clear, strategic approach that can be initiated by federal and provincial governments. It could lead to meaningful, coordinated, and sustained action across all political zones, sectors, civil society, knowledge institutions and the public.

Lake Friendly Certification Program

Many companies, schools, and governments are motivated to:

  • Show their commitment to environmental issues, and 

  • Enhance their organization's image or profile and positive practices.


The Lake Friendly Certification Program gives these groups:

  • Clear actions, 

  • Performance measures, and 

  • Opportunities to share their successes

H20 iQ
Do What Matters
Lake Friendly Certification
Community Stewardship
Priorities for Action
Mobilizing Action for Impact

Be Lake Friendly From The Inside-Out

Be Lake Friendly both inside and outside of your home from the handy tips in this booklet on how to protect our most precious resource: Water.



  • How to reduce nutrients.

  • Household hazardous waste.

  • Proper disposal of pharmaceuticals.


  • The importance of a vegetation buffer zones.

  • Composting outside.

  • Consider plants that grow well in local conditions.

Be Lake Friendly from the Inside-Out
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Become A Nature Explorer

Looking for a fun way to teach your kids about how to be good stewards to the environment? We have created a Lake Friendly activity book for kids that is filled with fun fact and activities that can be done both inside and out!

Become A Nature Explorer

Wintertime Activity Book

Looking to learn about protecting water in the wintertime? Download our free printable winter activity book for kids, filled with fun activities and trivia!

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