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H  0 IQ for Educators


Designed to provide educators with user-friendly information, tools and resources to fully explore issues related to water and the Lake Winnipeg watershed, while meeting curriculum objectives.

The workbook is adaptable for any freshwater lake, as the issues surrounding lake health are not exclusive to Lake Winnipeg.

If we truly want to protect the Lake Winnipeg watershed, we must encourage our children to learn, understand and appreciate the wonders and the vulnerability of watersheds in general.

Community Stewardship Checklist

Local governments, like municipalities and First Nations, can be good stewards and examples for their community members and communities across the province.

Important areas that local governments can prioritize are:

  • Waste Management

  • Water & Wastewater Management

  • Sustainable Procurement

  • Resilient & Adaptable Landscapes

  • Community Stewardship

  • Energy Efficiency & Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Reduction

Do What Matters Guides

Our actions impact the health of our freshwater and lakes. We are all responsible and capable of taking small actions to produce change. These guides highlight how different sectors can do their part.

Priorities for Action Report

The Lake Friendly Priorities for Action outlines the necessary steps to preserve and protect Lake Winnipeg. These steps move Manitoba to create positive change for a greener today and tomorrow. 

Mobilizing Action for Impact Report

The report constitutes a path forward that can prioritize action to direct collective efforts and ensure budgets are utilized for maximum impact.


The report offers a clear, strategic approach that can be initiated and led by federal and provincial governments towards meaningful, coordinated and supported action across all political jurisdictions, sectors, civil society, knowledge institutions and the public.

Lake Friendly Certification Program

The Lake Friendly Certification Program provides clear action, performance measures, and opportunities to share successes..

Many companies, individuals or other entities are motivated to implement a certification program to show their commitment to an issue and enhance the image or profile of their organization and its positive practices.



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