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In 2009 leaders from nine communities on Lake Winnipeg's shores launched the Lake Friendly Initiative to align the various stewardship activities taking place across the waters and the watershed. 

The Lake Friendly Program is a call to action, encouraging cooperation from governments, business and industry, environmental interests, and the public. Deteriorating water quality poses a significant environmental, social and economic threat to Manitoba and across the globe.


We want to help provide clear, coordinated, and immediate steps we can all take to do what matters in protecting and preserving our precious freshwater resources. Lake Friendly has developed resources to promote stewardship activities that will:​

  • Protect water from nutrients, contaminants, and other threats

  • Conserve & value water

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions - move to renewable energy

  • Build resiliency into our natural and built environments

We believe that the best approach is to focus on our actions to work together toward solutions.

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