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Lake Friendly Certification Programs



In Manitoba, we have an excellent opportunity to grow our economic success and improve our environmental health.


Businesses can support our growing economy and show leadership in water stewardship practices by working to:

  • Understand the importance of water in our province

  • Reduce watershed impacts

  • Protect and restore the health of our lakes and rivers



Education forms the base for positive change within our society. Curricula in our school systems can:

  • improve awareness of water-related issues,

  • create change in the next generation, and

  • inspire action from students, which affects parents and society over the long term. 

Landfill Management

Local Governments

Local governments can lead collaborative action toward protecting our water, our environment, and our economy. They can do so while also ensuring the high quality of life Manitobans have come to enjoy.

The program provides clear action, performance measures, and opportunities to share successes as local governments achieve the certification levels. 

Local Government
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