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Lake Friendly Practices reduce excess nutrients and other contaminants from entering our waterways. These actions and projects will help recover nutrients at the shoreline and on the land, and will help restore the health of lakes.


Saving Lake Winnipeg is a huge challenge. It will take time and commitment by many to achieve. But we must take action now.

Small Actions = Big Impact


Our everyday actions impact the health of our freshwater. We are all responsible and capable of producing change. 


Simple to embrace Lake Friendly Practices include:

  • Don’t be wasteful with water​​

  • Purchase goods made by manufacturers that have taken steps to reduce their impacts on the environment and minimize pollution to our waterways

  • Promote and support Lake Friendly actions

At Home

What goes down the drain in our cities and towns ends up our rivers and lakes.


Simple to embrace Lake Friendly Practices include:​

  • Not disposing of pharmaceuticals, food, or chemicals down the drain

  • Composting vegetable waste, yard waste, and lawn clippings

  • Choosing to grow plants that require low amounts of water and nutrients​

At The Cottage

Going to the cottage is your time to get away and connect with yourself and nature.


Simple to embrace Lake Friendly Practices include:​

  • Consider replacing your standard toilet with a composting toilet

  • Don’t discharge black or grey water overboard when boating

  • Make sure only rain and snowmelt drains to waterways

On The Farm

Farms rely on nature—from water to grow crops to needing clean water for animals to drink.


Simple to embrace Lake Friendly Practices include:​

  • Carrying out nutrient management planning on an annual basis

  • Providing off-stream watering for livestock

  • Exploring opportunities to store and re-use runoff and drainage water

For Schools

Young, people, schools and school boards can set an example and influence friends, families, and communities.

Simple to embrace Lake Friendly Practices include:​

  • Linking curriculums to Lake Friendly Practices

  • Buying paper and wood products that come from responsibly managed forests such as Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified products

  • Adopt Sustainable Procurement Policies

For Businesses

Businesses making changes can inspire their employees to do the same.  

Simple to embrace Lake Friendly Practices include:​

  • Buying cleaning products that are environmentally certified

  • Creating sustainable policies for employees to follow

  • Employing landscape and maintenance services that minimize impacts to waterways

For Municipalities

Local governments can be good stewards and examples for their community members and communities across the province.


Simple to embrace Lake Friendly Practices include:

  • Removing vegetation only when the flow is blocked, or excess sediments have accumulated

  • Creating a road maintenance plan for the municipality that reduces the impacts to all waterways

  • Eliminating applying dust control products during rain



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