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How to Clean Up Fallen Leaves to Protect our Lakes

Person throwing leaves

With autumn officially starting and the temperature getting chillier, many leaves on the trees have begun turning vibrant yellows and reds. Leaves are FALL-ing from the trees.

When I was in elementary school, fall was my favourite season. The schoolyard had two giant trees on a hill, and I would spend recess running around with my friends trying to catch leaves as they fell from the sky.

Now I wonder what to do with leaves that have fallen in my yard. Here are some key things to keep in mind for lake friendly leaf collection:

leaves in water

Make sure leaves don’t clog storm drains

  • Clean out your gutters. This helps reduce the likelihood leaves will blow into streets and also will keep them from clogging your downspout.

leaves on lawn in sunset

Use your lawnmower to turn leaves into nutrient-rich mulch

  • Mow the leaves that have fallen on your yard to turn them into mulch. Some mowers even have a mulch setting. The leaves will decompose and provide nutrients to your lawn.

young kid throwing leaves

Or rake up your leaves, have fun, and then compost them

Boat on lakeshore full of leaves

To collect leaves or not to collect leaves, that might seem like the environmentally friendly question. But when it comes to the health of our lakes, it’s better to collect them or mow them into mulch.

To learn more Lake Friendly actions you can take in your yard, visit us here:

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