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Lake Winnipeg: Vital for Manitoba's economy, culture and recreation

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

water-related economic development in Manitoba

Lake Winnipeg is an important socio-economic and cultural resource for residents who live along its shores, as well as for the entire province of Manitoba. Nearly 23,000 permanent residents live along the lake in 30 communities. Eleven of these communities are First Nations, with a population of approximately 14,000.

Lake Winnipeg supports commercial and subsistence fisheries, shoreline communities, and recreational uses. The current commercial fishery on Lake Winnipeg, the largest in Western Canada, is valued at $21 million representing about 61% of the value of all commercial fisheries in Manitoba.

person casting a fishing rod

Lake Winnipeg is integral to the subsistence of fisheries-based communities and the traditional culture of First Nations. In addition to commercial and subsistence fishing, recreational fishing and bait fishing are also prominent on the lake and its tributaries and generate an estimated $17 million annually to the provincial economy.

white sandy beach

Lake Winnipeg also supports an important recreational and leisure industry offering beaches, cottaging, all-season recreation, tourism, and ecotourism which are estimated to contribute $110 million per year to the economy of Manitoba.

We can all help protect Lake Winnipeg and the freshwater resources we need every day. Learn to do what matters.


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