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Manitoba Businesses Leading With Water

Businesses vary in the way they use and impact water, therefore there is no “one size fits all”, action to be conducted by businesses to support water stewardship. The ability to implement strong actions to protect water depends on how well the business understands their relationship with water and the importance of protecting watersheds in the community. With a clear understanding of their relationship with water, businesses of all sizes and across many sectors can become leaders in both protecting water resources and the long-term viability of their business.

This certification outlines requirements for businesses to review and understand their relationship with water, and to create a water stewardship plan which defines specific actions needed to make a real difference to our waterways. Businesses are encouraged to use this Lake Friendly for Businesses Certification as a commitment to improve and protect our water and as an excellent means of demonstrating a businesses’ Corporate Social Responsibility and leadership.

Lake Friendly Certification for Business is a form of voluntary compliance to a predefined set of processes, objectives or standards. Many companies, individuals or other entities are motivated to implement a certification program to show their commitment to an issue and enhance the image or profile of their organization and their positive practices. This process of achieving certification for practices that protect water bodies and enhance our quality of life adds a layer of accountability and integrity to a business’s sustainability efforts and supports key initiatives within Corporate Social Responsibility strategies.

The Lake Friendly for Business Certification Program achievements will also be promoted through public communication and engagement. As the Lake Friendly programs gain momentum and public support, certified organizations can build affinity in their community for the demonstrated leadership.

For more information on how your business can help protect water and Manitoba’s economy, please download the Certification Program.

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